DIY Questions

What are the dimensions of your fence panels?

Our standard fence panels are 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

How do I measure my fence line?

Method 1: You will need to use a long tape measure or a measuring wheel if you have that available. Then, simply walk the lines you need a fence on and record the lengths in feet.

Method 2: Count panels.  Typically they will be 8ft apart.  Panel count x 8 will give you a close measurement.

Method 3: Count steps.  Average step will be about 3ft.  This will be a very rough estimate if you walk the fence line and count steps. Take number of steps x 3.

How do I check for utilities?

You will need to go to MISS DIG’s website and create an account. Their website is missdig811.org and then click the green Submit Locate Request button. This is completely free so we recommend doing this to prevent hitting any lines!

Or call 811 and request an inspection.  Allow 72 hours.

How many posts do I need?

You will need a post for each panel plus one more additional post. If you are doing several separate lines of fence or are adding a gate you will need additional posts.

How far do I need to bury my posts?

Your posts need to be buried 24-30 inches in the ground.

How far apart should my posts be?

Your posts should be 8 feet apart “on center.”  When you hang your panels you will have two panels that meet together at the center of your post.

How much concrete do I use?

We recommend half a bag per post and a full bag (60 lbs) for every gate post and end post.

How long do I need to let the concrete cure before I hang panels?

If you use Quikrete, we recommend waiting 24 hours to let the concrete set. This may vary depending on the weather.

What size screws do I use to put up my panels and how many will I need?

We recommend using 3 inch T-25 screws. You will need 6 for each panel.  4” can also be used.

What does pressure treated mean?

Pressure treated means the lumber has been coated/injected with a preservative that helps to prevent rot and extends the life of the lumber. Treated fence panels have a life expectancy of about 20-25 years whereas untreated is closer to 10 years.

Can I only get 6 foot tall fence panels?

6 feet is the standard height for a privacy fence but we can make fence panels to any height under 6 feet. Get in touch with us to see prices for custom sized fence panels.  8ft panels have been difficult to get recently, but typically 8ft pickets/panels are available.  Most city/township codes require 6ft or less.

Installation Questions

How do I get on the schedule for an install?

The first step is getting a quote done. Our website (www.familyfencefactory.com) has a quote request survey that will begin the process.  Indicate the type of fence you’re looking for, how many gates you’ll need.  Leave us all of your contact information. Once you receive a formal quote, we require a 50% down payment to get you on our schedule.

What is the best way to contact Family Fence Factory for an install quote?

The best way to contact us about fence installations is to fill out the “Get a Professional Install Estimate” form that is located under the Fence Contractor tab on our website.

Does Family Fence Factory install fence panels?

We prefer to bring all the material and build right on site. This allows us to make adjustments as needed along the way and to better follow any terrain changes to provide a beautiful fence at the end!

Is there any discount for paying with cash or check?

Yes! We offer a 3% discount to all fence install customers who pay with cash or check.

When is the final 50% payment due?

The remaining 50% payment for the fence install is due upon job completion. 

What kind of fence does the Family Fence Factory install?

We install almost every type of fence! Wood, chain-link, vinyl, aluminum, split rail etc. Reach out to let us know what kind of fence you’re looking for!

Blind Questions

What is available to get my blind off the ground?

We offer collapsible, easily transportable elevations in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights for both 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 blinds. Complete with heavy-duty ladders.

Do you have a video of how to put the hunting blinds together?

Yes! Check out our YouTube channel, Family Fence Factory. We have a tutorial video for the hunting blind assembly.

Do the hunting blinds come with windows?

We sell plexi-glass window kits separate from the blinds.

Shed Questions

Can I get this Fence Factory shed in a bigger size?


Our standard 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 blinds and sheds are built in 

system jigs with pre-cut components that allow for them to 

be mass produced which allows us to keep the pricing low. 

This also allows for all of our outbuildings to be completely portable. 

We offer Kaufman Sheds for those who need something larger or custom.

Furniture Questions

Can I paint or stain this item?

Yes, but because of the moisture content of treated lumber it’s best to let it ‘dry’ for one year before applying stain or paint.

Custom Build Questions

How do I move forward with an order for a custom build?

Stop into the Factory or send an email to [email protected] with all the dimensions of your build, any reference pictures you might have and any other specifications we need to be aware of. We will contact you with a price quote and timeframe.

Get a Professional Install Estimate

For DIY projects, send us a message for options and pricing. Contact Us Today!
For Pro Install please fill out the form below for your estimate. 

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